After-sale and spare service

Un servizio post vendita di rara competenza, pronto a intervenire con le più diverse modalità per garantire al cliente la continuità della produzione e il migliore funzionamento delle macchine. Tutto questo è Wintech, ben organizzata anche per assicurare la rapida consegna di parti di ricambio originali nei cinque continenti.




Wintech is proud of its efficient after-sale division, made up of experienced technician and very quickly available spare parts. After-sale department follows the customer closely, in a quick and complete way, even if his factory is thousands of kilometers away. Wintech is not only a high quality producer but a partner during the whole life of the machine.

Wintech produces in its own factory the largest part of spare parts for its machines: a demanding choice that allows to assure the continuous and immediate availability of original and high-quality spare parts, that are the only ones that can guarantee the same performances and productive efficiency during the whole life of the machine. Furthermore, Wintech supplies complete technical assistance in the customer’s factory and original spare parts for rotary and linear Ottogalli machines.





Wintech after-sale is a prompt, reliable and 360° service, that is supplied by the same people who project and produce the machines. Service is assured in several ways: by phone with dedicated line, through the internet Teleservice system integrated in the machine and controlled by the Italian branch or by Wintech technicians all over the world, directly in the customer’s factory by our qualified technicians that arrive very quickly at customer’s location in order to act in a more focused and accurate way.

The best way to have the maximum efficiency of the machine is always prevention, and Wintech plans it through a constant and regular maintenance schedule, so that it is possible to substitute the components exposed to wear and tear before they break down. Thanks to this innovative method the work proceeds safely, the life of equipment is longer and the production is more profit-making.


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