EVA injection machine, linear configuration with two translating injectors, from 4 to 10 stations

WE203 is the series of machines for the production of EVA soles, sandals, galoshes and boots. Two models are available, which differ in the different sizes of the mold holder, embracing all the needs of footwear and non-footwear manufacturers.

In addition to the standard version that offers mold plates suitable for the production of soles and sandals and small and medium-sized items, is also available the version with bigger moulds plates and above all a widher opening stroke of them , thus allowing an easy molding of bigger EVA products such as high boots, wheels, fenders, guaranteeing to the operator a larger work space during all the manual operations on the machine, such as extraction, mold cleaning and release agent application.
Advantages, which considerably affect the hourly production of the machine


Key Points

  • Each station houses two molds
  • Self compensating mould plates
  • Maximum opening / closing speed, thanks to the toggle system
  • Wide mold holder opening stroke from 350 to 420 mm
  • High tonnage for the production of big items
  • SERVOMOTOR hydraulic unit
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