Automatic rotary machine with 8-10-12 stations for the production of rain and safety boots, one and two colors in thermoplastic materials.

Thanks to the two separate press / injectors units, the WLX203 is also suitable for the production of safety boots with steel soleplate and toe cap housed directly in the mold, as well as rain and work boots.
The machine can work with both U/S (Upper/Sole) and S/U (Sole/Upper), even during the same production cycle by virtue of the automated position change of the sole’s injection unit.


Key Points

  • Pair injection, one pair of boots each station
  • U/S (Upper/Sole) and S/U (Sole/Upper) working cycle
  • Two separate press / injection units
  • Automatic sole injector positioning
  • Cooling system on whole mould-holder: base, cover and door
  • Full Hydraulic, Hybrid or Full Servomotor version
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