Dynamics entity presents in the worldwide markets

Wintech produces carefully custom-tailored injection machines for footwear sector, special machines to produce technical items, as well as complete injection equipment to mold plastics coming from the waste collection.

The completeness of Wintech product range and high performances of its machineries has opened to the company a borderless market: its net of agents is vastly spread, not only in European and East European Countries, but in the most important American, African and Asian main markets.

Our production

Wintech, appreciated all over the world for quality and functionality of its solutions, proposes rotating multi-stations machineries, static machines with vertical press, linear multi-stations machine with shift injectors. All machineries are equipped for the production of multi-materials / multi-colors items.

All Wintech machines are created by a partnership approach, based on the understanding of the demand of the single customer and on the realization of customized and extremely reliable equipment, that are studied to meet requirements of efficiency and flexibility.

Therefore, these high-level results are obtained thanks to the modular construction of perfectly customized machines, from the point of view of number and dimension of the mold-holders, plasticization capacity of the injectors and clamping force of the presses.

Our core business

Wintech core business are injection machines for the production of boots, soles and sandals in PVC/TR thermoplastic materials, in cross-linked EVA, in thermoplastic rubbers like SBS, SEBS, TPE, TPR, TPO, in thermoplastic polyurethanes such as TPU, and combined material in the case of safety and casual footwear such as the combination TPU/PU, PU/PU, PU/RUBBER.

Its scope is broadened also to machines for the injection of technical items, with or without inserts, and to big equipment to inject items in heterogeneous plastic materials coming from the waste collection. These devices are equipped with innovative and patented injection systems that are suitable to transform remarkable quantities of plastic material assuring high performances.