Automatic rotary injection machine 6-8-10 stations for the production of single-color unit soles in compact and expanded thermoplastic materials.

Thanks to the rotary configuration, the machine lends itself to the injection of expanded and super-expanded materials, injecting even platform soles while maintaining a low weight of the finished product.

The advantages of the rotary configuration are many: low consumption, low maintenance, absolute repeatability of the weight / material especially in the foams, high hourly production.


Key Points

  • Automatic positioning of the injector for variable injection heights
  • Hydraulic mould-holder with parallel opening / closing
  • mould top rotation and base exit for easy operator intervention
  • Enhanced cooling on the whole mold holder: base and top
  • Injection screw with non-return valve for perfect management of injection volumes
  • Digital mold "warehouse" with saving of the injection parameters for each single mold
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