Automatic rotary machine of 14 – 16 or 18 stations for the production of one and two-density boots in polyurethane material: PU/PU and TPU/PU.

Configuration with 2 injectors PU/PU or even 3 injector PU/PU/TPU, high productivity thanks to the “sole / upper” injection system, allowing the injection of the sole during the curing time of the finished boot. In this way there is a remarkable increase of the final productivity in comparison with the machines of competitors.

Vertical position of the mold for an easy intervention, such as positioning of insole, toe-cap and socking.

Wide opening of the mold to make easier the intervention of the operator, such as spraying silicone, cleaning, maintenance.

Closing of mold door with self-equalization of mold thickness differences.

Version TPU+PU: machinery equipped of pouring unit for thermoplastic polyurethane to realize the bottom of the sole.


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