Rotary-multi-station machine for injection molding of heterogeneous recycled plastics, Rpolimix, pvc mixtures obtained from the recovery of electrical cables and polyolefins. The rotary table is configurable from 6 to 8 stations.


Multi-station rotary machines with vertical press are particularly suitable for a large production of products.

The characteristic injection parameters (pressure-velocity-volume) can be identified with freedom of choice, thus creating an optimal “injection profile” for each mold for the benefit of product quality and production flexibility.

The high hourly production provided by the continuous extruder is transformed into high and flexible injection power.



Main features

  • Mold plates from 1.000 × 650 mm to 1.360 × 750 mm.
  • Presses from 2,200 kN to 4,000 kN
  • Injection volumes from 15,000 cc to 30,000 cc
  • Up to 40 kg of product
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